Journal Your Wine Tasting Experiences

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Should I write down my wine tasting experiences?

Journal Your Wine Tasting Experiences

Wine journals are a great idea. Favorite wines from faraway travels can be remembered and documented for future reference. Here are some questions you should jot down when tasting wine. By gathering your thoughts on paper you'll be able to remember which you liked, which you didn't, and why. And without this knowledge, what's the point of tasting at all? Ask yourself: 1. Was the wine worth the money? 2. Did you like the wine and why? 3. Did the characteristics fit the type of wine? 4. Was it balanced? Wine journals provide you with an attractive place to organize your thoughts when tasting wine. Use a small book you buy at the convenient store or buy an actual wine journal which provides pockets for labels. If you like collecting labels, consider buying a label lifter, which is is a tool that adheres to the label on the bottle, then peels the wine label (stuck to the label lifter) off.



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