To Spit or Not to Spit?

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Should I spit when I'm tasting wine?

To Spit or Not to Spit?

If you're wondering whether you should spit at your next wine tasting event, the answer is yes. While spitting is considered a rude behavior in most situations, it is proper and quite necessary at wine tasting events. Without spitting, your body will likely get intoxicated from the taste and smell of several wines in a row and you'll never last the day. However, there are spitting rules you should follow to ensure that even in a place where spitting is allowed, you aren't being rude. 1. Never try and spit across another person. 2. Stop conversation with a person who has a mouthful of wine. Let them analyze and focus on the wine, which is why they are there. 3. When you finish tasting the wine, spit in a single jet stream line in the spittoon through pursed lips. 4. When you're finished spitting, there should be no drips on the floor or countertop.



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