Making Your Own Wine Labels

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What tools to I need to make wine labels?

Making Your Own Wine Labels

Now that you've made your own wine, you'll want to make wine labels to finish the job. Here's what you'll need: Assuming you'll want to create several labels at once instead of making them one at a time by hand (each 6-gallon batch of wine produces around 30 bottles), here are the items that you'll need to make your own wine labels: 1. Computer 2. Printer (do you want color or black and white labels?) 3. Plain/gummed paper or label stock 4. Software that supports graphics and labels (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Print Shop, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel) 5. Scissors or paper cutter 6. Scanner (to add chosen art or photos onto your label) 7. Digital camera Don't forget to prevent your ink from running. After you print your wine labels and allow the ink to dry, spray a waterproof coating on the labels before cutting or separating the labels, then apply the labels to the bottle.



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