What to do if Your Grapes are Too Cold

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What do I do if the my grapes are too cold as I make wine at home?

What to do if Your Grapes are Too Cold

When wine making at home, if your grapes have been refrigerated or are too cold, use this unorthodox but quick trick, courtesy of Wine Maker Magazine: Heat up a small portion of the juice in the microwave, mix it back into the fermentation pail and retest the temperature. An electric blanket wrapped around the fermentation pail also works, but takes longer. For cooling, add a reusable ice pack and stir for a few minutes. Pitch the yeast when the temperature reaches 70 F to 75 F for reds and 55 F to 65 F for whites.



9/15/2009 10:46:06 PM
Jeff Meier said:

They sell a brew band,it is a small heat tape designed to go around your fermenter


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