The Benefit of Wine Clubs

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Why would I want to join a wine club?

The Benefit of Wine Clubs

Joining a wine club will keep the wine coming to your door, help you feel confident in your wine selections and aid you in giving wine gifts. Wine can be intimidating to buy - for yourself and as a gift. Winemakers say for thousands of wine lovers across the nation, an online wine club has become a no-hassle way to learn about wine, sample new or unusual varieties and find new favorites. Usually you simply buy into the program for a pre-determined or open-ended period of time, pay your money, and get two different bottles of wine on a monthly basis. Many experts say the benefits of a wine club can be wonderful if you find a club that you're happy with. For the adventurous wine lover, there are international wine of the month clubs that send obscure wines from around the world accompanied with literature to educate you about them. Some wine clubs send wines from award-winning boutique vineyards and offer great access to smaller, lesser known wineries throughout the world. Some monthly wine clubs send monthly newsletters that include insights into the featured wines and grapes, recipes, serving ideas, price discounts and more.



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