How to Judge a Fine Wine

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How can I tell if a wine is fine?

How to Judge a Fine Wine

Fine wines are considered the highest end, rare and super-premium wines and are typically the most expensive. There are many controversial opinions and standards that apply to what is considered fine wines. By definition, a "fine wine" is a wine considered superior in kind, quality, or appearance. However, this term is debatable in the wine industry. Wine experts use terms like class, breed, authority, aristocracy and polish to better define fine wines. Rating wine is the easiest way to determine how fine it is. Below are some basic criteria you can use at home to judge the quality of your wines. These four main criteria are the defining factors used by top winemakers in the world to label their vintage bottles. Balance: A wine must be equal or greater than the sum of its parts. No one particular component should dominate the taste. For example, a wine shouldn't be too fruity or too acidic. Length: The wine experience must not be too fleeting. It should be linger in your mouth. Complexity: The wine must have a mysterious nature to it. It should not be too straightforward or simplistic. Typicity: The wine should reflect the highest achievements from within its particular region and style.



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