How to Care for Your Wine Glasses

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How should I care for my wine glasses?

How to Care for Your Wine Glasses

Once you've stocked your cabinet with fancy stemware, take care of it properly so it lasts. Keep these things in mind and your stemware collection should continue to please and impress for years to come. - Crystal's porous surface absorbs kitchen smells, musty cupboard aromas and dish soap. - Never just take a glass from the cabinet and pour wine into it. Just before serving, always rewash your stemware in very hot, sudsy water and rinse it over and over again. - Polish with a lint-free cloth laundered without fabric softener (which leaves an invisible film). - Stick your nose in the glass and inhale - you should smell nothing. If you smell an odor, wash it again. - Always make sure the wine glasses are scrupulously clean as even the slightest traces of dirt and grime can alter the behavior of fine wines and champagne. - Always store the glasses standing upright in a dry cupboard, or covered shelf. - If washing glasses by hand, use the hottest water possible and very little detergent. - There are sponges available that are specifically designed for cleaning the inside of wine glasses. - If you use a dishwasher do not use detergent. Wash the glasses with hot water only. Depending on the type of glass, a dishwasher can easily break the stem during the wash cycle. How to test if a wine glass is clean: - Dip a glass into water and see if droplets form on the surface. Or srinkle salt inside a clean, wet glass. It should adhere evenly.



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