Organize your wine cellar

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Organize your wine cellar

How many times do you go to your wine cellar (or closet, perhaps) to pull out a bottle of wine and just cannot find what you are looking for? Or, perhaps you don’t have anything in mind, and you are worried that you are going to end up drinking a $100 bottle, when you really just want to relax with a $15 bottle. (This has happened to me, so you are not alone.) Well, in the spirit of ‘Organize Your Home Office Day,’ I am feeling renewed with enthusiasm about finally getting our wine categorized and labeled, to prevent any future drinking mishaps. Yes, I realize that everyone may not have their wine in their home office, but we happen to since this is our business, so I think this is a great chance to get this done.

Not only can you save yourself time and frustration by organizing your wine collection, you can also prevent misplacing bottles that end up being saved past their prime. Many wines are now made to be consumed relatively soon. If you tuck these away and lose track of them, you just may be throwing away your investment, and worse, missing out on a great bottle of wine!

To get organized, take a physical inventory of your current collection, and log this information into a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel. As you take your inventory, you may wish to snap a photo of each bottle, or find a photo online. Usually wineries have photos of the labels or bottles on their website, and it is nice to have an image to reference when you look at your list. (This visual recognition may also be another layer of security against grabbing that expensive bottle that you are saving for your birthday!) When you place the wines into their storage location, reserve a section for the ‘everyday’ wines, and since you are probably drinking these on a regular basis, these don’t even need inventorying. Just make sure that the section is marked so that you know which bottles are for casual consumption. Next time you reach into your cellar for a bottle of wine, you can refer to your list (or your everyday grab bag section) to be sure that you get just the right bottle for the occasion.

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