Want to learn more about wine? Keep tasting.

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How can I keep learning about wine?

Want to learn more about wine? Keep tasting.

In New York, I attended a class a tasting given by Master Sommelier Andrea Immer. After the class, she autographed my copy of her book "Great Wine Made Simple" by writing "tasting is the best way to learn about wine. So enjoy your 'studies'." This is sound advice -- no book, magazine, TV show or website can substitute for getting your hands on lots of different kinds of bottles and trying them -- with and without food. Start a monthly wine club with some friends: pick a theme, and have everyone bring a bottle of wine and some light appetizer fare to pair with it. There is a handy tasting sheet on my website (www.trywine.net) that you can download and print out so everyone can jot down their impressions of the wines.



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