What to Consider When Shipping Wine Overseas

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What do I need to consider when shipping wine overseas?

What to Consider When Shipping Wine Overseas

Perhaps you're moving overseas and want to bring your extensive wine collection with you. Or you are sending a wine gift. There are three questions to consider when shipping wine internationally: 1. Customs. Can you ship wine to the country and what is the consequence? 2. Security. How do you move the wine, especially in summer and winter? 3. Cost. Laws vary from country to country. For example, Muslim countries in general restrict importation. Most others allow it on a personal basis only as part of a move of household goods. But of course there are licensing fees, taxes and shipping fees to contend with. Timing is critical. Temperatures in containers can top 110 F during warm weather, according to a 2002 study. Temperature controlled cartons, of course, add to your cost. Information about whether wine can be imported, and how much it will cost in taxes, is available through embassies or from international moving companies.



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