Horizontal and Vertical Wine Tastings

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What is a horizontal wine tasting?

Horizontal and Vertical Wine Tastings

So you just received an invitation to a wine tasting party and it says it's a "horizontal wine tasting." You blankly think about sunsets on the horizon, wondering how this pertains to wine. Keep reading to find the three basic structures of a wine tasting event: general, horizontal and vertical. General tasting: this is a free-for-all wine tasting in which you make up your own rules. There are no real limitations on the wines that you involve. You may choose to limit the wines to those from a particular part of the world, or grape variety, or price range or whatever other criteria that you select. Horizontal tasting - involves wines that all come from the same vintage. You decide the vintage and you determine if you are going to place any other limitations on the wines involved. Vertical tasting - involves wines from different vintages but all the wines will come from the same winery. If the winery produces more than one type of wine, you would select a single wine from that winery and taste multiple vintages of that wine. Experts recommend using a minimum of three wines and ideally up to six wines for an interesting wine tasting.



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