What to do at a Vineyard Tasting

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What should I do at a vineyard tasting room?

What to do at a Vineyard Tasting

If you plan to travel to a winery or vineyard for a wine tasting, keep these things in mind so you can get the most out of your wine tasting experience: Hours of operation: be sure to check and see if the winery you are visiting will be open before you make your long drive. Many are open only on weekends. Tasting room: a tasting room is designed to host visitors, display wines and allow you to taste them. You should taste the wines in this order: dry, red, sweet. Drinking sweet wines first will ruin your taste buds for the drier wines. Spit: when you finish tasting, spit your wine into the provided bucket. It's considered proper. Experiment: try wines you've never tasted before. This is why you are here. Ask questions: Ask which wines the winery is particularly noted for. Show a curiosity for wine. After all, that is why you are there.



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