Wine Tasting Guides Are a Tremendous Help

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Are wine tasting guides worth bringing to wine tastings?

Wine Tasting Guides Are a Tremendous Help

How many times have you stood at a wine tasting and couldn't quite put into words what you were experiencing? Oh, how you wish you had a little cheat sheet that could help you explain that taste, that aroma, that feeling you have. Well, consider buying a pocket wine tasting guide for next time. Wine guides such as the pocket sized "The Essential Wine Tasting Guide" offers 34 compact pages of information intended to help you analyze wine. These type of wine guides are handy because they come with color charts for comparing wine color, a white background to hold your wine glass against for easy viewing, a list of wine faults to help pinpoint any problems with the wine and more than 1,000 aroma wine descriptions. When tasting wine, you should pay attention to your sense of smell, taste, sight and think about how you're feeling, wine experts say. But if you need more guidance that that, you can turn to a wine tasting guide.



3/18/2007 11:36:45 PM
John Bonham said:

I have a copy of the The Essential Wine Tasting Guide and think that it is extremely useful, and I have been in wine retail for 30 years!!!
This is the website where you can purchase one for yourself:-

(no affiliation with me)

7/9/2009 11:42:18 PM
Paul Heathcote said:

An unbelievably simple yet powerful wine tool.


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