French Wine Guides and Books

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How can I learn more about French wine?

French Wine Guides and Books

In France, the average yearly production is 9 billion bottles. With all that wine, it's easy to feel lost when searching for a French bottle you'll like. Look for a French wine guide to help you. There are plenty of published books and wine guides on French wine and also some good user-friendly French wine guides right online. Learn the history of French wine, French wine classifications, the 19 French grape varietals, browse a wine glossary, learn what French wines pair well with salmon or caviar, learn basic knowledge about wine such as bottle size and temperature, shop French wines, learn where French wine events are taking place across the U.S., play virtual wine games and more. For actual books that offer guidance on French wine, check out: - French Wine - An Encyclopedia of the Wines and Domaines of France - The New France: Guide to French Wine - Hachette Wine Guide



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