Wine Blogs Can Be Wonderful Guides

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Are wine blogs worth reading?

Wine Blogs Can Be Wonderful Guides

Sure, there are plenty of published wine guides in the book stores and online. But in the 21st century, wine blogs have become an increasingly important tool for wine tasting information. Blogging has become an important source of information and many wine blogs are written by professionals who enjoy dropping the formal tone to share knowledge in a casual way. Food & Wine Magazine have named these seven blogs worthy of watching: 1. a wise and outspoken wine importer tells it like it is. 2. a self-professed wine geek gives restaurant reviews, wine information and links to articles and other blogs. 3. a British wine writer is refreshingly candid about his daily life as a wine writer. 4. a real doctor who intelligently explores the mixing of wine, politics and business. 5. she is the wine and travel columnist for Time Magazine who says she wants wine to tell a story and speak the truth. 6. the most in-depth and knowledgeable blog on Italian wine from a former Italian wine importer. 7. a French photographer roams his country and talks about the wines he encounters along the way, coupled with photos of his journeys.

These blogs are individual, and therefore represent the individual blogger's likes and dislikes. You can also find blogs at some of the different wine sites.



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