How to Choose a Wine Gift Basket

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How do I choose the right wine gift basket?

How to Choose a Wine Gift Basket

Wine baskets make wonderful gifts for wine lovers. But there are so many on the market to choose from. If your head is spinning with all the choices, wine experts say to narrow your focus by thinking of these three questions: Who is the recipient? Studies have shown that more women than men prefer wine accessories such as corkscrews and wine charms. If your recipient is a wine novice, choosing simple wines that are well-known will suffice. However, if you're sending a basket to your boss who is a wine expert, you might want to go bold and send more obscure wines. What is the occasion? Different wine gift baskets are suitable for various occasions. Wine gift baskets are a favorite for parties. You might want to choose a large basket with more wines than accessories for a party atmosphere so everyone can have a taste. What is your budget? You can purchase a great wine basket for as little as $25. However, expensive wines will cost more and you can send wine baskets that cost well over $100 if you choose.



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