Fun and Unique Wine Gifts

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What are some fun and unique wine gifts?

Fun and Unique Wine Gifts

Wine gifts are fun to purchase and receive. And a wine gift is a great gift for anyone. It's no wonder why we think so, with the characteristics the Wine Institute says wine consumers tend to have. Wine consumers, according to the Institute, are more likely to:
- Be open to new experiences
- Follow their own path in life
- Be information-savvy and confident consumers
- Desire intangibles, experiences and emotions - Have their life priorities in order
- Eschew brands as badges

Looking for a wine gift to give that fearless wine enthusiast in your life? How about a wine tasting kit? Tasting kits include everything one needs to conduct a blind tasting - everything, that is, except the wine. The kits usually include six individually numbered cloth bags and a pad of scoring notes all packed in a case. The recipient of this wine gift will have all he or she needs to launch a wine tasting get together at home! Other unique wine gifts include:
- Wine rack bookends. This is perfect for the wine and book lover in your life. You can buy pretty bookends that hold several bottles of wine in them.
- Wine trivia cards. For the wine know-it-all in your life, test his or her wine knowledge. These can be fun at casual get togethers.
- A miniature distilling machine. This way your wine enthusiast can turn wine into brandy. These are a working version of the professional apparatus used by the world's finest distilleries.



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