Matching Food and Wine

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What wine should I serve at my dinner party?

Matching Food and Wine

Not sure what wine to serve with salmon at your dinner party this weekend? Here are some simple guidelines for matching wine with food, courtesy of wine expert Leslie Sbrocco. 1. Match the texture or feel of the food and wine. For example, delicate foods should be paired with delicate wines and big foods should be paired with big wines. 2. Highlight complimentary aromas and flavors in the wine and food. For example, a buttery Chardonnay compliments lobster dipped in drawn butter nicely. 3. Think about the wine's acidity, which is the key component in pairing. Remember that in food and wine, opposites attract. So pair a tangy, high acid wine like Sauvignon Blanc with fettuccine Alfredo to cut through the fattiness of such a rich dish. 4. Consider the concentration or intensity of the aromas and flavors. 5. Think about the sauces in a dish and don't worry too much about the type of meat. Chicken in a cream sauce can be paired with the same wine as pork in a cream sauce. 6. Finally, there's no right or wrong in pairing wine. The old red with meat and white with fish mantra is not always true. The most important thing to remember is that any wine with a meal is better than no wine.



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