America Still Loves Merlot

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Should I be embarrassed to buy Merlot?

America Still Loves Merlot

There are 16.1 million U.S. wine consumers who drink wine either daily or several times a week, according to Wines & Vines Magazine. Is anyone still drinking Merlot, especially after the Academy Award Winning movie "Sideways" denounced it back in October 2004? The answer is yes. If you're worried you'll be judged by serving Merlot at your next function, you can rest assured that America still loves it. So when you buy wine online, look for Merlot without reservation. According to a new study of wine consumers and members of the U.S. wine trade shows, it's the industry, not the consumers, who have taken a dislike to Merlot. So unless you're hosting a panel of wine experts, buy it and drink it. American consumers in the study admitted to a strong liking for the wine.



10/8/2007 10:50:34 PM
Lance Gayhart said:

I love red wine, but only Cabernet. It usually has a subtle sweetness (currants, berries, and not too sweet fruit) that is all I need in a full-bodied vino. Merlot, to me, tends to be very acidic, tannic, and oakey. In short, slightly bitter.


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