Once You Buy Wine, Know How to Store It

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How should I store my wine once I buy it?

Once You Buy Wine, Know How to Store It

Once you buy wine, you must know how to store it. Otherwise, you risk ruining it after all the hard work you put into choosing it. Experts say you don't need a fancy wine cellar to store wine. The basic requirements are a cool, dry, dark space such as a closet, crawl space, compartment under a stairway, or portion of a garage or basement that's shielded from direct sunlight and vibration and maintains a steady temperature (55 F to 65 F is ideal). However, if you intend to become a serious wine collector and buy wines that require long-term aging, you may want to invest in a fully outfitted wine cellar. Search your favorite site for buying wine online and get their suggestions for storing the wine you buy.



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