Finding Specialty Wines

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What does it mean when a wine is labeled "specialty"?

Finding Specialty Wines

"Specialty wine" is used to describe special types of wine such as port, sherry, ice wine, or sake. However, it is also used on wine bottles to label a particular wine a "specialty" wine. The label of "specialty wine" is very often a limited edition wine or a premium wine. For example, if you check out Chateau Julien Winery online you will find wines such as 2004 Gewurztraminer and 2004 Sangiovese Rosato under the specialty wine category. Consider the source of the term. Is it from a winery or a retailer? Retailers may use the term to categorize expensive wines. And this isn't always on par with what the vintner is trying to say. So when you see the term, be sure to dig deeper and investigate.

Another aspect of specialty wines refers to a wine companies seasonal, promotional or hard-to-find wines. Specialty wines also refer to boutique wines, small producers, hard to find wines and classic wines from wine producers. Wines from specific regions or seasonal regions can also be considered "specialty wines."



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