About Sherry

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What is sherry?

About Sherry

Sherry is a specialty wine that is fortified, which means that some extra alcohol is added to it. It is usually between 15 to 18 percent alcohol, which is higher than that of table wine but less than that of port. It is usually made of Palomino grapes. There are dry sherries that can be served chilled, and sweet sherries that are served at room temperature. Sherry can be created as a dessert wine or a cheese wine, or anything in between. The two main types of sherry are the pale, dry fino/manzanilla and the dark, full, dry oloroso sherry. Sherry should be served at 57 F in small glasses. Because it is fortified it can last quite a while. It is recommended that you drink it, however, within five to 10 years of its original date.



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