How Champagne is Bottled and Named

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Are all sparkling wines Champagne?

How Champagne is Bottled and Named

We've all heard the pop of a Champagne bottle and most likely were laughing and celebrating at the time. But have you ever stopped to think about how Champagne is bottled? There are plenty of choices when choosing a size of Champagne. That's because Champagne, along with many other wines, is bottled in 10 different sizes: - Quarter bottle, which as 6.3 fluid ounces - Half bottle, which has 12.7 fluid ounces - Bottle, which has 25.4 fluid ounces - Magnum(two bottles), which has 50.8 fluid ounces - Jeroboam (four bottles), which has 101.6 fluid ounces - Rehoboam (six bottles), which has 147 fluid ounces - Methuselah (eight bottles), which has 196 fluid ounces - Salmanazar (12 bottles), which is 9 liters or 304.8 fluid ounces - Balthazar (16 bottles), which is 12 liters or 406.4 fluid ounces - Nebuchadnezzar (20 bottles), which is 15 liters or 508 fluid ounces Only the half-bottle, bottle and magnum are always released in the bottle in which they underwent the second fermentation. For this reason and because it is the largest of the three, the magnum is the preferred size. The three largest sizes are rarely made today. And remember: if a bubbly wine isn't made in Champagne, it technically should be called sparkling wine instead. Sparkling wine is an umbrella category for wine with bubbles.



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