How Champagne is Made

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How is Champagne made?

How Champagne is Made

Sparkling wines from the North of France are called Champagnes. It is the king of celebration, as we've all popped a bottle of bubbly for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any other celebration you can think of. But how much do you really know about it? What causes all those bubbles? The second fermentation in the bottle causes the bubbles. When the cork is removed, the result is upwardly mobile bubbles of carbon dioxide making their escape. Three grape varieties are used in Champagne —Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.The chief difference between the various Champagne brands or houses, is in the making of the cuveee, or the blend. You will find that Champagnes are labeled by their sugar content. That's because the sugar content of the dosage added after the second fermentation will determine the wine's style and relative sweetness.



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