Wine Labels From Different Wine Regions

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What should I pay attention to on wine labels?

Wine Labels From Different Wine Regions

When perusing different wines of the world and wine regions of the world, learning how to read a wine label will help you greatly. You can always trust the wine label to provide you with facts about the wine. Don't forget to turn the bottle to review the second (back) label. You may be surprised at the further information hidden there. Grape Variety: The grape variety is the best indication of taste. Region: Where the wine comes from is the next best indicator. As European wines don't always state grape varieties, some information about regions will help. Terroir: Terroir is a fancy description for soil, climate and exposure. These factors can influence the grape style and flavor of the wine. Vintage: The word "vintage" simply refers to wine from a particular year, and not all "vintage" years are good. Classification: While classification systems can serve as a guide, they are not foolproof ways to choose great wines. There are plenty of great wines that do not have pedigrees. The USA classification system, American Viticultural Areas (AVA), guarantees geographical origins of wine, not quality.



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