Accessorize Your Wine Cellar

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How can I accessorize my wine cellar?

Accessorize Your Wine Cellar

If you plan to begin a wine cellar in your home, it's important to be mindful of the temperature at which to keep wine. Because wine is a living liquid, you can actually kill it by keeping it in temperatures that are too hot or too cold. You need a refrigeration system that keeps your wine cellar at 55 F to 58 F with 55 to 75 percent relative humidity. If you maintain the ideal temperature in your cellar, you will age your wines gracefully and keep them at their peak for many years. Remember that humidity levels of 80 percent or higher will cause mold to form and rot the labels. Accessories for your wine cellar can include wall art featuring vineyards, wine glasses, bottles, attractive humidifying fountains, rolling wine cellar ladders for those hard-to-reach bottles stored up high, a custom-made door in which you can place your family insignia or some other symbol, decorative flooring, decorative ceilings, special lighting to enhance the ambiance of the room and furniture like small tables at which you can invite friends for tastings.



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