Wines Frequently Asked Questions

What types of accessories are there out there for wine?

Does the type of glass I drink wine in matter?

Should I stay away from wines with screw tops?

Should I use a wine decanter?

How can I carry wine and glasses from place to place?

How can I accessorize my wine cellar?

How do I decant different wines?

Is one decantor design better than another?

How should I care for my wine glasses?

What corkscrew should I buy?

How can I find out more about Australian wines?

What is Cabernet and which should I buy?

What are the California wine varietals?

What is Chardonnay and which ones should I buy?

Are all white Burgundy wines made from Chardonnay grapes?

Italy is known for its red wines, but are there any good white ones?

What are the top wine regions in the world?

What are the different Spanish wine regions?

What should I pay attention to on wine labels?

What wine terms should I know?

How is Champagne made?

Are all sparkling wines Champagne?

What are the red wine varietals?

What are white wine varietals?

How should I open a bottle of Champagne?

What is port?

How can I tell if a wine is fine?

What is sherry?

What does it mean when a wine is labeled "specialty"?

What is brandy?

How helpful is the Web in helping me order wine?

Why should I understand the language on a wine label?

Ice wine is generally expensive so how can I find it at low cost?

Can I find good wine for less than $10?

How can I choose a new wine that I will like?

Where can I shop for wine online?

How should I store my wine once I buy it?

Should I be embarrassed to buy Merlot?

Is buying wine online popular?

Are certain wines better for certain seasons?

Are there health benefits to drinking red wine?

Should I always chill whites and warm reds?

What is organic wine?

How should I cook with wine?

Should I worry about the alcohol level in my glass of wine?

What wine should I serve at my dinner party?

Where can I read more about wine?

Why do I break out in hives after I drink wine?

What do I do if I break the cork while opening a bottle of wine?

Can I send a personalized wine gift?

Should I care how the wine I buy has been stored?

What are some fun and unique wine gifts?

How do I choose the right wine gift basket?

Why would I want to join a wine club?

What if I have no idea what wine to give for a specific occasion?

Can I send a wine gift to another state?

How do I begin to plan a wine tour as a gift?

Can I ship chocolate and wine baskets during the summer?

Can I buy Kosher wine?

How do wine guides work?

What are wine bars?

Are wine blogs worth reading?

What up-to-date wine price guides are on the market?

Is there an easy way to search for a particular wine?

How can I learn more about French wine?

Are wine tasting guides worth bringing to wine tastings?

Where can I find wine education books?

Who shouldn't drink wine?

What is a sommelier

What equipment should I buy to make my first batch of wine?

How do I make sure I use the best grapes for making wine?

How do I monitor sugar levels when making wine?

What do I do if the my grapes are too cold as I make wine at home?

How do I bottle my homemade wine?

What tools to I need to make wine labels?

What new technology is out there for home wine makers?

How should I store my homemade wine?

Can I compete nationally with my homemade wine?

Do wine making kits have all the answers?

How do I host a wine tasting party?

Where can I find great wine events in my city?

Should I spit when I'm tasting wine?

What shouldn't I do before a wine tasting?

Should I write down my wine tasting experiences?

Why do people swish wine in their mouths before swallowing?

What rules should I follow when tasting wine?

What should I do at a vineyard tasting room?

What is a horizontal wine tasting?

Where are some places in California where I can taste wine?

What are the laws regarding shipping wine?

Can I send wine by Federal Express?

What is EC levels and why are they bad in my wine?

Can I track my wine delivery?

What do I do if wine shipment is damaged?

Can I save money by shopping locally online?

How do online companies make sure consumers are of age to drink?

What is the United States law for how much alcohol can be in wine?

What do I need to consider when shipping wine overseas?

Where is my wine kept if my shipment is prolonged?

What is the crush?

Can you tell me about sweet wines and the late harvest?

How is ice wine harvested?

How is wine made?

When is wine harvested in New Zealand?

How does one taste wine?

Which wines are good with certain foods?

Why do people swirl wine in their glass?

Is there any way to save money when buying wine?

Any suggestions for a great gift for a special occasion like an anniversary or wedding?

Are grapes still harvested by hand and crushed by foot?

Can I make wine out of something other than grapes?

Are there preferred materials for shipping and packaging wine?

How can I learn about wine jargon?

Can I make a white wine from red grapes?

What should I look for when purchasing stemware?

How can I keep track of wines that I like?

What good wine books can you recommend?

How can I keep learning about wine?

What wines pair with Christmas ham?

How can I make mulled wine?

What wine suggestions do you have for Thanksgiving?

What food friendly white wines can you recommend?

What are some classic food and wine pairings to remember when dining out?

In a restaurant, what wine should I order if everyone is eating something different on the menu?

I frequently at night have 2 glasses of Glen Ellen White Zifandel-I was wondering how many calories are in these? thank you,

I am commissioned to take part in a novel wine tasting party next week in which each couple brings a wine, researches it and an appetizer to accompany. I am to take an ice wine. What would be a good accompaniment other than a dessert? Thanks!

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